Dashboard issues

When viewing the Dashboard to review student answers, because I have used CL to create questions using R.int the in both teacher and student this doens’t show the quuestion the pupil actually answered, only by clicking in the x for the question the pupil go wrong, can I see the actual question.

is there a way around this?


Hey James,

Others might have a better solution, but with auto-generated problems like that, I’ve been putting in a “Successful answers” feedback (note) visible to the student. That’s then linked to the pressCount of a button that gives them a new problem.

For the dashboard, you can set a correct tag:

correct: button.pressCount()>4

I’m experimenting with it right now. I still think I’m missing something, because sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Hi There.

Thank you for this.

The biggest issue is the misleading ‘Teacher Box’ Can then this be hidden or adapted?

For example:

If you look at question 19, which was generated using CL for -547 x -265 ( they would have all had a different question) . We can see that only Jack Jones got this question right.

However , when I change to the teacher view, it doesn’t show the individual questions that each student answered ( these are made up responses)

My worry is my teachers might find this confusing?

Is there a way to show the question they answered as part of the teacher dashboard all on one screen?

Any help would be much appreciated


Ah, I misunderstood. I have not found a solution to that problem, I’ve just been clicking on the individual students to see what they are seeing. I’m sure someone else will chime in!