Help please: Using "correct"

I’ve written an activity that asks the students questions. These then are marked and a “Correct well done” message displayed if correct. I also have a summary table on the first slide that keeps track of total score etc,.

I have used the “correct” command to also show correctness on the dashboard.

However on a question using the multiple choice option this doesn’t work.

It tells the student they are correct and returns the correct value to the summary table to keep track of their marks but doesn’t show a tick on the dashboard.

The slide contains a note item (note12) and a multiple choice item (ans12)

The code on note12 cl is:

content: “{message} {feedback}”

message = "
Which is the best buy?
Pack of 9 pears for £3.90
Pack of 12 apples for £5.00

feedback = when ans12.submitted and ans12.script.check12=1 “\n\n\n✅Good work ! !”
when ans12.submitted “\n\n\n❌Wrong answer. Please try again.”
otherwise “”

The code on the multiple choice item(ans12) is:
check12= when ans12.isSelected(2) 1 otherwise 0
correct: check12=1

I can’t see why this isn’t working and would appreciate any help.

You should also share your activity to better test it.

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OK thanks, its slide 13.

Desmos won’t show a tick on the dashboard when there’s an “Explain your answer” component - but you will get a cross when it’s wrong, or a dot when it’s right. I presume this is what you’re seeing?

Hi, yes thanks. I didn’t know that. Although it doesn’t show a cross or a dot either

Shows cross and dot in the preview for me:

Haven’t tried it as a ‘live’ activity but I don’t see why it wouldn’t show properly. What do you see? Can you share a screenshot?

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Hi thanks.

Ive just checked. I have to go into Edit mode to then preview the slide and see the dot and cross. If I just click on it and then student preview it doesn’t show anything.

That’s always true. The dashboard preview never shows on the Student Preview, only when you’re editing the activity. I think it’s been requested as a feature here before but currently that is not the case.