Disable Multiple Choice

Is there a way to disable multiple-choice questions after the students have selected their option? I know I can hide the multiple-choice, but I would like the students to be able to see what they have selected. Thank you.

You can make a note component that is conditionally hidden until the MC is submitted and have the note display the choice. Something like this can be used to display what the student chose.

studentChoice = 
when choice.isSelected(1) = "Option 1 was selected"
when choice.isSelected(2) = "Option 2 was selected"
when choice.isSelected(3) = "Option 3 was selected"
when choice.isSelected(4) = "Option 4 was selected"
otherwise "No choice was made"

In the note, type this in to display the content: ${studentChoice}

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Interestingly this can be done(albeit in a hacky way) by exploiting a css rendering bug in Desmos Activities. Here’s how it looks:

Then we select something, say “3”

While a student can attempt to deselect their choice, effectively they can’t and they still see their selected answer.

This relies on a really strange bug where Desmos will stack empty mc string options one on top of another visually in the DOM, except for the very last option. We simply replace this last option with whatever the student selected, all the other options vanish, and we have locked their answer through Capture.

Closer inspection of the visual rendering reveals the overlapping nature of what’s going on:


  • very hacky
  • only works for MC radio options
  • very brittle for things like randomizing choice order

Should you use this technique? Probably not.
Can you use this technique? Indeed you can!

Here’s something illustrating this technique: MC Lock