Lock Answer After Submit with Multiple Choice

I am in the middle of creating a “Which One Doesn’t Belong?” template to insert into different activities. I would like to lock students selections after choosing which image doesn’t belong with the others. I have only seen the CL for this with inputs. Any ideas on how to do this? Thanks!

Lock Answers After Submit with Inputs:
[Copy of] Lock answer after submit • Activity Builder by Desmos

Same thing. You don’t need to use submitCount though, you can just use submitted. You can also use ‘this’ instead of naming the component you’re in, although you need to use the component name in your note. So, for any input or multi-choice:

hidden: this.submitted

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Is there a way to lock the answer but not hide the choices?

How’s this?


It is possible make this work with images. I would like people to still see the images they selected but to not be able to change them.

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It would take a little more work in terms of inserting images in a sketch, but this approach might work for you.

Thank you, will have a look. For now I edited Debbie G’s to unhide an image once choice was submitted so that they could see their choices using her code and then connect them to the images.

This is lovely by the way, thank you it looks really good.