How do I change the text in the Submit to Class / Submit to Teacher button?

Can I use CL to change the text in this button?

Great question. Currently there’s no way to change that text, but it might be a sink we should add. Did you have a particular use-case in mind?

I want students to know that I will not be sharing it to class, and they are submitting it to the teacher, not the class. Maybe also an option to take away that tool from teacher’s Dashboard (So we don’t forget next year).

@David_Diaz that can be controlled by the “Show students their classmates’ responses” checkbox during editing. If you uncheck that, then the button will say “Submit to Teacher”, which should satisfy your request here.

I added a check button which does the job, but what is a good way to make the button reset when changing content on one of the math inputs? Once the button is pressed, it says as if pressed so If I edit an answer the correctness checker is working in real time instead of waiting for the button to be pressed again

Just want to make sure I’m understanding correctly…

You currently have a screen where the students type an answer and then press a button to receive feedback, but you want the students to continue to see the feedback after editing their response?

The initial problem is that because desmos auto fills in, it was showing them “correct” before they put the final part of the domain in the input box. I added an action button that they have to press to check their work to try and eliminate that problem, but once the action button is pressed it stays pressed, so if someone goes back and edits their work after pressing the button, they dont have to press it again, how do I make the button reset upon student working in the input box?

Got it. Your solution still doesn’t solve the autocompletion of grouping symbols, and I don’t think that you can avoid it. Even with including the submit button, the student still doesn’t have to type the right bracket. As soon as the input loses focus, the bracket is automatically filled in and the student would still be marked as correct. I didn’t type the right bracket in either of these examples.
To get to your original question, screen 7 in the activity you are referring to currently has a submit button. Once pressed, the timeSincePress does not reset when you edit a response and the feedback happens in real time after the initial press. If you want the students to be able to press the submit button after each input edit, you need to put this in the button CL.

resetOnChange: "${input.latex}${input2.latex}"

Is there another route to go besides math input that will stop the auto complete? I could put these in a table, or do tables still auto complete?

Any component that formats as math type will have the same behavior.

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Is there another route to go besides math input that will stop the auto complete? I could put these in a table, or do tables still auto complete?

Indeed there is another route. Tables are your friend here as you’ve guessed.

Using Tables for inputs accomplishes 2 things:

  • Auto-resetting the action button on cell focus(normally a very annoying behaviour but in this case highly desirable)
  • Allowing programmatic behaviour on cell focus

Here i’ve changed your Activity a bit so that while a student is typing stuff in their input, there’s no response whatsoever(so they’re neither correct nor incorrect… until they click the action button).

Since table focus resets the Action button, it means that Desmos’ auto-complete won’t matter since the timeSincePress will be reset to zero anyway and the student will be required to click again to check again.

I think a separate problem that is being asked about in this situation (from a different thread) is that once you type the left bracket, the input automatically creates a “ghost” right bracket. I think Micah wants that right bracket to not show up unless it is physically typed by the user. In your example, I am still able to get a correct answer without actually typing the right bracket as it autocompletes as soon as the cell loses focus.

Ahh, got it. Makes sense!

I think I solved the autocomplete for math inputs in this thread. Basically, a math input is considered not submitted when it has focus, so adding an initial when not(this.submitted) solves that problem.