End of Level Table Summary


I received many helpful hints here, I thought I would try this question as well. You should see how many desmos tabs I have open right now trying to figure this out…

I realize I can have each slide check for correctness, but I would prefer to have students check at the end of a level for the end of unit review. Is it possible to get all answers to check in a table at the end of each level? I have pulled in some slides from other activities, but I’m still learning about coding graphs and would appreciate any help you can offer.

So, in a nutshell (this is a general framewrok), you’ll want a “correct” check in each slide. You don’t have to reveal to the student on the individual slide whether they got it correct, but you still need to “record” whether it is correct.

So for example, on slide 2 in the CL for exp2 input you could define:
c1= exp2.submitted and [check condition here]

I would use a hidden graph to check the expression, but there are also ways to check it in CL. It will be tricky since you are allowing them to enter the line in any form… might require some multiple formats for checking with “or” statements.

Do similarly for each item throughout the activity that you want to check.

Then on the slide with the summary table, for each corresponding cell, you use the variables that have recorded correctness to decide what to put in the call, e.g.:

cellContent(1,2): when exp2.script.c1 “Correct!” otherwise “Try again”

Thanks so much! I didn’t make it past the first step of getting the graphs to mark correct when fractions are involved. I don’t know how to change number into the fraction notation. The first slide is someone’s slide I copied and the second is my attempt with the fractions. Any ideas where I’m going wrong?

See if this does what you’re going for… I did not put any student feedback in, but it does the checkmark/x correctly.

I completely took out the P=1/P=0 condition in the graph because I could not figure out what it was there for… lol. Then later I thought maybe you want the line to show on the graph when the student’s line is correct? Sorry, I’m not sure. But with the “check” script I put into the graph, it should be easy enough to add student feedback if that’s the plan.