Exponent Coding • Activity Builder by Desmos Classroom


I am trying to split this into 3 separate slides. Our school chromebooks are small and students struggle to see all 3 questions. I am lost on the computational layering. Any help would be great.

Thank you.
Stacey :slight_smile:

This is a Desmos curriculum activity, so not all community members can view it. Most of the code is duplicated for the three problems. If you duplicate the screen, and then go through the code putting a # at the beginning of lines that are for the other two problems, the extra stuff will go away. However, it looks like there’s probably more to do in the graph to push the lower to problems up to where the first one is. Probably a tedious task.

Thank you…I had tried your method before posting here and tedious is definitely the word for it. Will stay as it is.

Have you tried having them zoom out in chrome (CTRL minus I think). Sometimes just one or two zoom-outs makes it much easier to see the whole screen on the small chromebooks.