Feature Request: Freeze Input on Submission

Apologies if this has been debated before (I did search!), but it would seem useful to have a facility to freeze input to a component that has a submit button after the button has been pressed. Any thoughts on the need, use or practicality of such a facility?


You can do this for math inputs using
submitDisabled: this.submitCount>0
in the CL.
This will allow only one answer to be made.
Check out the CL documentation here:

Thanks @SteinSchreiber, that certainly disables the submit button but unfortunately the value entered can still be changed, as shown in:

At present, hiding the input component appears to be the suggested workaround, displaying any relevant information in text form in its place.

You can add this to make the math input hidden once submitted.
hidden: this.submitCount>0

Just to be clear @SteinSchreiber, I know about possible workarounds but am suggesting that the Desmos team consider making a CL change to disable the input component so that it doesn’t have to be hidden. This is even more relevant to multiple choice components, where hiding the choices after submission is not helpful. That is what prompted me to start this thread.

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…just to add another thought to this suggestion: a table is another relevant input component. It doesn’t have a SUBMIT button but can be frozen so a user-defined SUBMIT button placed underneath it creates the desired effect. Freezing is, however, cell by cell and typically voluminous to allow for the largest possible table, so some CL help would also be welcome to freeze the whole table in one step.

Just have the content of the mathinput also be written to a note and hide the mathinput on submission.

Just to repeat what I said earlier in this thread:

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Are you aware of the new features, disableEdit and disableChange? I think they introduce the functionality you were looking for.


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Thanks @pirsquared, I must have missed the launch party! Those are very helpful new features.

I’ve been away from Desmos CL for a few months so apologies for not looking closer at disableEdit for numeric input before now. First, it is definitely a step forward, but I’d like to propose that the value entered be left as is, or even bolded, rather than being faded, to make clear that disabling the edit is fixing the entry.

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:smiley: That will be very useful for some of the activities I am creating. Thanks!