Feature request: Optionally include "correctness" status on Expression Input Teacher page

If I have a multiple choice question I can easily see whether students have got it correct or not (and how many) using the “Teacher” tab and then clicking on “Answer Key”.

In the case of expression inputs it is generally harder to ascertain whether they are right or wrong, but it would be nice to be able to see from the Teacher tab without having to go to the Summary tab.

A simple example is below where students are asked to find a multiple of two numbers. I’d like to be able to click “Answer Key” and another column appears to the left of each answer (if there is a correct sink, which there was in this case) to show ticks and crosses.

This becomes even more important if there is another component on the screen – then we cannot easily determine if the expression is correct because it might be that the dashboard indicates an incorrect (or ungradable) component on the screen.

It can be tricky marking expression inputs correct or incorrect simply because it is very easy to mark a not necessarily incorrect answer wrong which may hurt students. You can still use correct sinks with multiple components as long as you mark the others readOnly

Agree that in general it is hard, but in the example above I think I can determine the correctness automatically.

I have a correct sink hooked up, but I want to see that information on the Teacher screen next to the different expressions.