Finding slope using derivative function

I have an activity that allows students to practice using the power rule with derivatives. I would like to add an additional component for the student to find the slope at a specific x value. If possible, I would like to randomize the x value but if needed, it can be 1 to make it easier for coding.

This is the activity that I would like to adapt. I have only added components to slide 2. I hope I will understand how to add the components to the additional screens.

Thank you

Hi Pamela, does this accomplish what you want?

I used the same strategy you used to generate the coefficients/exponents to generate the x-value to evaluate the gradient at. One drawback is that the value of the gradient is usually absurdly large or small, and I wonder if that could distract students from the desired focus on learning about derivatives. You could further restrict the selection of x-values to, say, -2, -1, 1, or 2, but even then the values can be ‘messy’.


I will go in and restrict the x-values. Thank you!!!

Thank you, Ian, for helping me. After looking at it, I was able to restrict the x-values to -2, -1, 0, 1, 2. I had another thought (I’m not sure if this will work) but I would also like for students to answer a multiple choice question stating if the function is increasing, decreasing, stationary using the gradient that they found. Is there coding that would check for the correct choice? I’ve added the MC question and component on slide 2.

Thank you!!

Happy to help! What about this:

I switched the button format in hopes of simplifying the visual layout, but to me it still feels like there is a lot happening for one screen. Maybe it would be worth hiding some components like the ‘New Problem’ button when they are not in use - I’d be happy to take a stab at that if you like.

Perfect!! Thank you again!!!