Full-Screen Graph Correctness

Will a full screen graph not show a checkmark for correctness? It shows a checkmark on the preview screen, then calculates everything else as correct (points, error, etc.) but it will not show the checkmark on the teacher dashboard.

Slide 3 of this activity

Hi, I’m still playing around with that. But here is what I’ve found…

If you you complete f(x) in activity builder everything works find. Obviously the drawback is that it may be confusing to the students that they should delete the number 1 and replace it with their function.

Can you verify that that “fix” works on your device. I want to keep digging into this and see if I can find why leaving that blank after the equals sign is causing the correctness to fail.

Greg pretty much nailed it in that first section.

Because students are given access to the full expression bar and we can’t control what they modify or remove, we can’t fully analyze the screen the way we want in order to give a definitive correct/incorrect marker on the dashboard.

Thank you. That makes sense. I originally had it f(x)=0 so the line would hide on the x-axis, but I didn’t like that the students would have to erase the 0.