Prevent "x" in teacher dashboard until button press

Hi — I am adapting an activity where students drag a point on a line in a graph to make the line have a specified slope. There’s a button to press when they’re ready to check their line.

I can successfully use correct to get the check mark to show in the teacher dashboard after the button is pressed.

The issue is that the dashboard shows an “x” as soon as the student moves the line from its initial position. And it leaves the “x” there until they press the button and have the correct line.

I want the teacher dashboard to show a dot until they press the button.

Essentially, I want the dot to show me that they’re doing something on the screen, the “x” to show me their last submitted attempt was incorrect, and the check mark to show me their last submitted attempt was correct. It’s working that way for me after they complete the first attempt. But when they’re working on their first attempt, the dashboard makes it look to me like they made a mistake when they haven’t even finished arranging their line, yet. From the dashboard, I cannot tell the difference between “still moving the line around and trying things” and “got it wrong and might need help.”

This is how I coded the correctness check

correct:  act1.lastValue("C")=1  and act1.timeSincePress>0

Here is the link to the activity. The same issue is on screen 1 and screen 2.

If it helps, the dashboard shouldn’t show an “x” for a student if they are currently working on the screen. The preview you see when editing will show the eventual symbol and the check should show immediately in the dashboard, but the summary view will still show a dot as long as the student is working on the screen. If you’re seeing otherwise, can you email me ( or our support staff ( and we can look into the error. Thanks!

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Thank you! It’s super helpful to know it’s just how the preview is showing it. If it happens when I run it in class, I’ll be sure to let you know.