Check Multiple Tables on an activity screen

Is there a way to check the tables on this activity? Slide 10

There are a few different ways to do this, but here’s one example. This example applies to the T2 table and would need to be done for every blank cell.

cellSuffix(1,2): when this.cellNumericValue(1,2)=9 "✅" 
when isBlank(this.cellContent(1,2)) ""
otherwise "❌"

Thank you so much! When I copy a screen from an activity I like, why can I not see the code? I am trying to learn all of these Sinks and sources.

After you drop it into your activity, on the screen in edit mode you click on the “</>” symbol to see the CL for that component. It will be green if there is any code there.

Yes, I can see that on my activity which I created, but the first few slides I copied the screen from someone else’s activity and adjusted the cards. I cannot see their script. Is there a way to see how they wrote the script?

You should be able to see the code if it’s copied as it was described above. If those buttons are green but nothing is there, then it sounds like a bug. If the button is not green, then I don’t think there was any code on the original.

Also, are you sure you are in “edit activity” and not just previewing? I ask because I made that mistake myself when I first started to dabble with CL, lol!

Are you sure there is any CL to see? Your first few screens don’t appear to have any CL in most of the components.