How do I put 2 graphs in a background?

I have created an activity, the graph on slide 2 goes is a background for slide 3 then slide 3 is the background for slide 4, but slide 2 does not show up. How do I get all slides be the background at the same time?


Here’s a small reference activity that I think might answer your question. If it does not, can you link the activity you are working on so that we can see more details what you are trying to accomplish?

Layered Background Example

Here are the tools being used:

  1. For a Graph or Sketch layer, set the background using the background sink.

  2. If you want to use a previous graph as that background, call it as graphLayer(graphName.calculatorState).

  3. If you want to use a previous sketch as the background, call it as sketchLayer(sketchName.sketch).

  4. If you want multiple graphs/sketches as the background, use layerStack() to combine them.

I referenced this help article and this forum thread. They were very helpful for me.

Hope that helps!

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