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I have created an activity that allows students (7th grade) to enter two sets of data and compare the line plots and the box plots (they have to calculate the 5-number summary before the box plot appears). I created this because I want students to be able to view data sets side by side without having the dot plots overlap on the same coordinate grid. I debated just having students use the graphing calculator to enter data but I decided that making dynamic bounds that change as they enter the data was better than having students change the view window on the GC on their own.

I know that data can be copied from a spreadsheet and pasted into the graphing calculator. Is there a way to paste a set of data into any type of input that could be collected by the GC as a numberlist? Right now, the activity has students entering data by hand into a table and the entries are collected in a numberlist
Dotplot Generator

Honestly, I think tables are one of the most un-user-friendly components (for entry). I think the graphing calculator is your only recourse for quick entry of spreadsheet data. Each column in a GC table can be accessed as a numberList (example). Is this what you need or are you simply trying to avoid the GC?

You could have students use a GC to enter data on one slide, and code a table on another slide to enter that information for display. It’s a pain to code tables cell by cell and you’d need to make sure students title their columns a certain way, but if that’s your goal.

The only reason I am trying to avoid the GC for entering data is because I can use CL to adjust the graph’s bounds as new data points are entered into the table positioned next to the graph. This makes sure that the data can always be seen within the view window.

I like your idea of GC on one screen for entering data and the next screen would show the dotplot. Once the data is in the numberlist, I don’t need a table anymore. I’ll try something and share it here when it’s done to see if there is any feedback about how I could make it more efficient (or use the CL more efficiently in the future).

Thank you!