Is it possible to attach a mp3 file to text?

Hi, I want my students to click on a text, then they can listen to the pronunciation.
I have tried to put an audio link from Google translation, but after I publish the activity, the link doesn’t work. It says “can’t open the page”.
Is there any way that I can upload the mp3 file to a slide and makes it work as a “link”?

Thank you very much!

Where is the link pointing to? Where are you hosting the mp3?

You can’t embed audio. You could post links, but it would open a new tab.

Teach them to use Google translate?

You could also embed it as media and use the video container as a media object that would simply play the audio.

It’s not a supported file type, so the media component won’t accept it.

Thank you, everyone!
So now I get the confirmation that audio is not supported.
(using another tab to do Google translating can be a distraction and a challenge for some students who have special needs.)

It is supported indirectly through video - you just need to convert the mp3 it to mp4 or whatever video format you like(.mp4, .avi are some types that Desmos supports).

There are many many online conversion tools that will do that for you.