Let students see the teacher tick/cross

Hello, there.

I have done the following:

In the </>… bit, I put:
(this.cellContent(1,3) = 2n^{2} and this.cellContent(2,3) = 7n^{2} and this.cellContent(3,3) = 4n^{2} and this.cellContent(4,3) = 10n^{2})

This gives me a tick/cross on the teacher screen. Is there any way I can put this tick on the student screen as well?

Many thanks,
S Mullis

you can use cellSuffix sinks to accomplish that

Something like
cellSuffix(1,3): when this.cellContent(1,3) = 2n^{2}:heavy_check_mark:” otherwise “”
cellSuffix(2,3): when this.cellContent(2,3) = 7n^{2}:heavy_check_mark:” otherwise “”
cellSuffix(3,3): when this.cellContent(3,3) = 4n^{2}:heavy_check_mark:” otherwise “”

cellSuffix(4,3): when this.cellContent(4,3) = 10n^{2}:heavy_check_mark:” otherwise “”

You can add more conditionals if you’d like, and you could work off of something more precise than the student text/LaTeX string, but that should produce a check in the cell when students have matched your expected LaTeX and leave the cell blank when the student doesn’t match your expected LaTeX.

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Brilliant! Thanks for this.

I’ve tried it, but it’s giving me an orange road-sign:

Sorry! I’m being silly. It doesn’t like it when I copy-and-paste the quotation marks.

I’ve typed in " instead. Now it works.

It seems silly that I can’t just say:
ifCorrect, “correct” otherwise “not correct”

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For tables, I usually make a “check” variable for each answer, then use those Booleans for the cellSuffix and correct sink.

correct: check1 and check2 and check3 and check4
check1= this.cellContent(1,3) = `2n^{2}`
cellSuffix(1,3): when check1 "✅" otherwise "❌"
#Rinse and repeat

Hey Simon!

Just double checking - the wrong format quotation marks only happen when you paste them in and not when you type quotes, correct?

Double checking to make sure we don’t have a bug situation. Thanks!

Hello, Jay.

Yes: wrong quotes only happen when I copy-and-paste.

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Thanks, Daniel.
My computer didn’t like it:

Am I being silly?

It’s because you haven’t defined check2, check3 and check4 yet. (The “Rinse and Repeat” was intended for you to define the other checks and cellSuffixes. Sorry for the confusion.)
The full code should be:

correct: check1 and check2 and check3 and check4

check1= this.cellContent(1,3) = `2n^{2}`
cellSuffix(1,3): when check1 "✅" otherwise "❌"

check2= this.cellContent(2,3) = `7n^{2}`
cellSuffix(2,3): when check2 "✅" otherwise "❌"

check3= this.cellContent(3,3) = `4n^{2}`
cellSuffix(3,3): when check3 "✅" otherwise "❌"

check4= this.cellContent(4,3) = `10n^{2}`
cellSuffix(4,3): when check4 "✅" otherwise "❌"
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