Locking in a Selection

Hi! I need a some help with finishing the coding for one screen. I would like for a students choice to be “locked” in when selecting one of the ramps in Part A, which will only allow them to only see one of the three graphs that are displayed based on their selection, not based on submission. I would like to remove the submit piece if possible. Is there anyway to make all of this happen?

Hello, does this behave the way you want?

In your original activity, the submit button was forced to show up because the CL for mc18 and the note directly below it were looking at if the multiple choice had been submitted. You can see where I commented out the original code and switched it to the same format you used for Parts B and C, this.isSelected(1) or this.isSelected(2) or this.isSelected(3) rather than this.submitted.

I have one follow-up question, too. Have you thought through what happens if a student accidentally clicks on one of the choices? The first time I opened up the student preview, I accidentally clicked on Ramp A and had no way to change my selection :confused: It makes sense to prevent students from toggling between all the graphs, but I wonder if the submit button is worth keeping just to verify “yes, I really did mean to select this ramp.”

Thanks! Looks great! Actually I don’t want students to toggle between the three graphs, as that would allow them to see at least one possible placement for each of the ramps (if that makes sense).