Submit multiple choice only once, but still see other students thoughts

Hi, helpful crowd.
I’m trying to figure out how to have students have one shot at a multiple choice question, but still see other students explanation. So they’d make a choice, then explain their thinking, then when the press submit, they’d just see other people’s thinking without the option to change their answer.

If I hide it when submitted, I lose the responses as well. I just want to hide the “edit response” option.


Maybe a feature request. I don’t think that’s possible.

Not sure what else you are trying to do with the slide, but this works. Instead of linking the “explain/share” to the multiple choice, I created an explain prompt note and input box based on the fact that a choice had been made. I also used CL to identify which choice was made.

Thanks much. I’d actually stumbled on the same solution.

I want to do an in-class T/F set with AP calculus. I want them to answer, then explain themselves. I’ll then reveal a bar graph that shows the class responses and also other students thinking. It’s no-stakes, so I want them to commit and not be able to change.

Thanks again!

You could use a table that locks cells (isEditable) when an action button is pressed, and a separate input box since tables don’t have explain prompts.