Media Sinks: Time

I tried using this to create a screen at the beginning of my activity that is a scaffold for my students in distance learning. The idea is that on this screen a student chooses a screen number they got stuck on, which then starts the video at the time which I’m providing a scaffold for that screen. Whenever I check the “student previews” everything works how I want it to. However, when students go into the activity and choose an option the video forwards to the correct spot, plays for about a second and then keeps looping back playing the same second over and over. Any ideas?

Can you share your activity?


Screen 1 is the one I’m referring to

I wonder if this is a bug? @Jay

It makes sense that it would be looping because it’s always playing that second when a certain choice is selected, but I don’t think that’s the intended output for that sink. It works in the preview and this is the same way that’s shown in the documentation.

Any resolution to this? I like the intended purpose of this use of the time: sink. It is something I’d like to use. Am seeing the same behaviors described above.

Alternative (using video editing software to chunk up the longer video, and then include lots of video components, each hidden until the particular multiple choice is selected)
is a lot more work, and makes for a very crowded Desmos screen (in the building stage).

Thank you for any help you are able to provide.
Jay Morin

The bug is actually in the preview. The time sink just sets the play head to a spot. Intended to show part of a video as a still.

It’s probably not really useful now that you can add as many components as you want. Editing your video and then showing the correct video conditionally is the best move right now.

Okey-doke. Will do. Thank you!