Media Sinks: Time

I tried using this to create a screen at the beginning of my activity that is a scaffold for my students in distance learning. The idea is that on this screen a student chooses a screen number they got stuck on, which then starts the video at the time which I’m providing a scaffold for that screen. Whenever I check the “student previews” everything works how I want it to. However, when students go into the activity and choose an option the video forwards to the correct spot, plays for about a second and then keeps looping back playing the same second over and over. Any ideas?

Can you share your activity?


Screen 1 is the one I’m referring to

I wonder if this is a bug? @Jay

It makes sense that it would be looping because it’s always playing that second when a certain choice is selected, but I don’t think that’s the intended output for that sink. It works in the preview and this is the same way that’s shown in the documentation.