Polar Point Correctness

Anyone can provide some help on why the dashboard does not display a check mark in Screen #2.

I have two tables (one for input and one hidden to change the values). They both have a readOnly : true.

The graph’s CL has variables for debugging… and C_orrect is a 1 when it is correct… I have been staring at the CL code for a while… no luck…

Thanks in advance.
David Diaz

Since there’s no interaction with the graph, try marking the graph as readOnly and then set the correctness in the table. When I tried this, it was displaying a checkmark on the dashboard. You generally want to set the correct sink in the component that gets interacted with by the student.

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Be careful when setting a graph to degrees. It will mark correct on that page, but if you refer to that graph in degrees from another screen it will revert to radians.

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That was an easy fix. Thanks

Thanks… I want to have the option to have the degrees labeled on the graph for the first slides.