RESET card sort

I want the students to be able to reset the card sort after they have finished sorting them in one way. So all the cards are unsorted. Is this possible?

This is not an option right now. I’m guessing you want the students to sort the cards in a different way a second time? If so, could you just duplicate the screen? This way the original sort is still preserved and hopefully it accomplishes what you want.

If you are just looking to give a student multiple attempts at a matching game that has only one correct solution then I have code that gives feedback as to whether the match is correct. Then the student can keep rearranging the cards until the match matches the CL and then produces that feedback for the student. That way it’s self correcting.

See screen 3 of this activity:

I don’t think the issue is the self-correcting. It’s being able to have more than one solution for the same sort.

Yes, there is no correct answer. I just wanted them to sort the cards one way and then reset the same sort to sort them a different way.

I would just duplicate slides.