Something besides a check/dot/slash in summary dashboard?

Hi all,
This may be a feature request more so than a real question, but I was wondering if there was a way to put something besides a check, dot, or a slash (I’m specifically thinking of putting a number.)

I currently have an activity that’s randomizing a new problem every time they submit their answer to a previous problem, and it tracks how many they have correct. I was hoping to just see a number (or even a fraction) of how many they have correct/incorrect on each slide.

Any way to currently do this, or is this truly just a request?

Consider it a request! I’ll add it to our feature request list.

Fwiw you can get a warning symbol which comes with a message that you can set to any string you want. But that’s not the intended use and sounds like it might be more work to check (you’d have to hover over each)