Spurious Lines on Value Input

Something’s not working the way it seems like it should.

When I enter a value on the fourth screen (5th is similar)

I saw lines appearing as a number is entered

But I expect no changes during entry until ‘submit’ clicked

Here’s the link to the page, dashboard, or activity:

And here are some screenshots or a video:
You won’t need either. The effect is very clear!

Hey Davy!

This isn’t a bug, some of your calculations are treating some of your undefined sinks as free variables until they have their own values. To make sure to avoid any calculations showing as graphs, you can put them in a folder and turn them off.


Sorry, Jay
I’ve only started using graphs and have been ‘learning by example’ rather than reading the manual.

Do you mean redefine the calculations inside a folder? i.e. I can’t just drag them there? Also “turn them off” is just clicking on the left?


No problem! This graph is lookin pretty cool!

You can just drag everything that you don’t want to show into a folder, no need to do any recalculating. Turning the folder off won’t turn off the calculations, just the visuals.

Thanks, I think I’ve got it!