Tables: Locking the Header

I have found a way to copy data from a previous table into a table on a new screen. I am doing this so that the new table has an additional column to it that students can input more points. My problem is that when I add a column, I would like to name the column and not make it editable. But I am either unable to edit the header name or I can name the header, but it will only show up if I make it editable.

Any suggestions?

I think this is what you mean. In the Table CL, put:

cellContent(0,2): "Rotate"
cellEditable(0,2): false

and you get:

When I change the word “true” to “false,” the the header disappears.

Do you have the cell content defined in the CL as @Susan_Lauer does in her example? Or did you type it directly into the cell?