Text Input Feild in Polypad

I am using text input feilds in Polypad. It shows students if they got the correct answer, but I also want to see the check mark or x on the teacher summary in the dashboard so I can monitor the students. But unlike the math response boxes on the regular slides, I can’t name the component and therefore can’t figure out how to code it to communicate with the teacher summary. Is it possible to get this to work? Any ideas?

First, if you just want a checkmark on the dashboard, you only need to define the correct: sink or readOnly: true for all components that could have a correct sink. The difficulty, I think, is how to pull information out of the polypad to define your correctness. A link would be helpful.
Second, you can name polypad components.

I can name the polypad component, but the polypad doesn’t work like the math input slides and the text box doesn’t align with that name.

slide 5, I want to send the answer to the dashboard. It doesn’t help to know that they’ve viewed the slide and I will get a dot on the dashboard if they have seen it anyway. I don’t think it can be done. I think I’ll need to use the other slide types for this, but polypad does some nice things that would be great to use in this way if it’ll work.

I don’t think there’s any CL code available yet to pull information out of the polypad. There’s no link between the question block in the polypad to dashboard correctness (like an MC component) because polypad was a separate product form Desmos and its integration is still a work in progress.

Once there is a way to pull information out, then it would be similar to a math input in that you’d need to define the correct sink to get the desired dashboard behavior. Not sure when that’s coming publicly but I’m sure it’s in the works.

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