Title Sink Script Not Working

I’m new to CL. I can open the scripting window for components by clicking on the gear symbol next to the component’s name. But nothing happens when I click the gear symbol inside the circle at the top left of the screen-editing area. I THOUGHT that would be how to set the title for the slide.

The CL documentation states, “Scripts can also be attached to an entire step, to control behavior of the step itself. Currently, the only thing you can control this way is via a “title” sink, which sets the title of the step.” I think this is what I want to do.

I’ve even seen a screen recording of someone clicking this icon and editing the script. But when I click the icon, no Script window pops up. In fact, after I click the icon, I have to refresh the Chrome window before I can open any other script window, either.

I’m using a Mac, running MacOS 10.13.4, and my Chrome is up to date, Version 66.0.3359.181.

Any ideas?

Thanks for reporting. That looks like a bug. We’ll fix that ASAP.

If you’ve hit that bug, you may need to reload the page to get other things working right again.

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This should now be fixed. Thanks again for the report.

It IS fixed. Awesome! Thanks!