Where does pi come from?

See what you think.

Nicely done. Some minor tweaks. I’d put “sides” on the slider labels. Maybe a little more explanation of a diagonal, as students might mistakenly think side-side measurement is equivalent to vertex-vertex.

I like the sentence starters (slide 4, 7), and the interactivity of the data collection. I like that the record number of digits of pi is pi*10^13. If the display of the link bothers you, consider using a URL shortener.

And I’m stealing slide 22. Thanks!

That reminded me. Something I did not expect happened when they could make the number of sides get really big. On my screen at some point it showed NaN-- but on theirs is said “infinity”. I would rather have NaN.

And thanks-- great suggestions. It is so cool that their is this community for making stuff better!

Hmm… wondering about how to get more explanation for the diagonal. Words only? Some sort of animation? Improve the error check for the table entries??? Thoughts?

Oh, and screen 22 is a copy from Desmos’s starter screens! Such a great resource.

You could make a separate display variable (I’m not actually looking at your activity), so if n was the number of sides that they’re adjusting, you could have another for display, n_d, but limit that to whatever large number you want.

n_d=n {n<=10^100}

So, they’ll able to adjust n as much as they want, but use n_d for display and it’ll show NaN if they go above your designated value. Here, 10^100.

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