Help with check mark on dashboard

I am new to CL and I can’t get the checkmark to appear on the teacher dashboard for slide 7 and slide 11.

Thank you for any help\guidance on this.

On slide 7, your correct check appears impossible:

correct: exp2.numericValue>0.53 and exp2.numericValue<0.54

If you expect students to enter a fraction that will have an exact decimal value, you could just test for it to be that exact value.

On slide 11, your feedback is asking for the numericValue to be 18, and your correctness check for it to be 0.18. That might be your problem?

Thank you so much for your help. The problem with slide 7 is that it is a repeating decimal. The fraction answer is 8/15 which is .53333 (3 repeating), so I’m not sure how to indicate that in the script.

Ooohhh, I see. I was hasty in saying that’s impossible!

Sometimes the preview dashboard doesn’t work correctly. Try creating a code and entering as a student while you have the teacher dashboard open. In chrome, you can do this with a “student” in an incognito tab.

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You can also try rounding the student entry:

correct: numericValue(`\round(${exp2.latex},2)`)=0.53