Show correct check on dashboard

I’ve created a table to input ordered pairs for transformations. How do I get it to show the check mark on the dashboard? Each slide has two little circles at the top, one has a check the other has an x. This is the coding I’m using:

chk1 =table1.cellContent(1,2)= \left(-2,-6\right)
chk2 =table1.cellContent(2,2)= \left(-6,-7\right)
chk3 =table1.cellContent(3,2)= \left(-5,-3\right)
chk4 =table1.cellContent(4,2)= \left(-1,-2\right)
cellContent(1,3): when chk1 “:white_check_mark:” OTHERWISE “N”
cellContent(2,3): when chk2 “:white_check_mark:” OTHERWISE “N”
cellContent(3,3): when chk3 “:white_check_mark:” OTHERWISE “N”
cellContent(4,3): when chk4 “:white_check_mark:” OTHERWISE “N”
correct: chk1 and chk2 and chk3 and chk4

This is the activity:

You need to make sure that all components with a correct sink are set to readOnly:true if you don’t want them part of the screen’s correctness check (graphs, sketches, multiple choice, etc.). I also recommend using parseOrderedPair instead of directly checking the latex for more robust code (i.e. if students put in an extra space or write an equivalent value as a fraction, for example). I edited the code on the second slide to show what I mean. [Copy of] 3.3 HW • Activity Builder by Desmos

Thank you so much! I will make the adjustments. Will the “readOnly: true” take care of the 2 little circles on the page?

Oh, I think I understand what you mean. When you are editing an activity, and preview it, you see that button (if you hover, it says “show correctness”). This is just what the teacher will see - when you click it, it will mark up the screen to show correct and incorrect components, as defined by you using the correct sink in CL. The students don’t see that when they are in the activity.

In terms of what you will see in the dashboard, if you set all components to readOnly:true except for the ones you are using the correct sinks in, you will end up with an X in the dashboard if anything is wrong, and a check if everything is right. The caveat is that, if there are any text inputs or places where students explain their thinking, you can’t get the check to show up - only the grey dot - which indicates nothing is clearly wrong, but you have to review the students’ answers yourself. If you want to ensure a checkmark will appear, you can’t have any places on the screen where a students can enter text.

Yes, that’s it exactly!

Thank you!