Computation Layer in Teacher Tips

Is there any way to use computation layer in Teacher Tips? It would be interesting to have the teacher tips display correct answers for teachers using components in the screens.

I have also thought this could be good from the point of view for situations where students have randomly generated components to their questions, but I’m not sure how it should work with the Teacher Tip - since that is not specific to a particular student.

Are you picturing using it for a situation where all students have the same question though?

I had a similar question as @Bryn. The Teacher Tips only show when in Preview mode. You could insert note components in each slide that stay hidden unless a certain word or number is input into any component you choose (even if it was intended to be for actual student input).

If done on each slide individually, it could be useful when inspecting student work in the dashboard since you can manipulate a student’s slide without them seeing the result.

Thanks for asking!

Here’s the application that raised it for me:

This is designed so that each slide presents a single problem, and the only editing a teacher needs to do to create a new problem set is to type a new problem into the given table. The problem feeds into the correctness check. However, I also put the answer key into the Teacher Moves for each slide so that a teacher using this can have that answer in front of them while checking. If the Teacher Tips could also use CL to pull the inputted expression, then it could be designed to automatically show the solution in the Teacher Moves.

I’m sure there are some other more creative applications of this idea!


This sounds really useful, I also have an activity I have put answers in the Teacher Moves tab so the teacher can check the students work easily/ However and I’m sure I’m missing something obvious - how do I edit what I have put into Teacher Moves as I have used this activity as a template for another one and now need to change the answers