Copy Previous Graph

I was under the impression that Copy Previous in the graph options would take the last graph a student made. In the linked activity, students often mess up the sign of the slope or something equally trivial. They go to a second screen to compare their graph to mine. When they click the left arrow to go to the previous screen to fix the equation, it’s maintaining that first graph rather than copying the new graph. Is there a way to force it to take the most recent graph?


Slope of Tangent Lines

Copy previous doesn’t play nicely with CL, unfortunately. You’ll have to copy the parts you want forward manually.

You can try playing around with a graphLayer in the background. If that doesn’t work you’ll probably have to go half screen graph with an input field on screen 1

Related question… There’s a sink for functions, is there a reason there’s no source for functions? Seems that would make things easier in this situation.

No source for functions. A function source would be pretty brittle, consider the following:

  1. in a full screen graph, the student deletes f(x)= and accidentally rewrites it as y= or g(x)= or f=
  2. in a full screen graph, there is already an f(x) but the student adds a new line and also names it f(x)
  3. using an input, a student enters y= instead of f(x)
    All three cases could possibly return a false negative to the student. Best way to avoid that is to use the simpleFunction feature in CL with a half screen graph.

However, I do agree that from a creator’s standpoint, being able to reference one of my functions in the script rather than retype the latex in script would be a big time saver! Although, pulling things into CL, performing computations in CL, then sending them back into the graph and performing more computations has proven to slow down interactions.