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I made a repeated practice activity for prime factorization. I want student to find the prime factorization for 20 randomly generated numbers and if they get all 20 correct a checkmark will display in the dashboard. The table and math entry components are readOnly. I am (trying) to count the slide as correct by using the history of correct factorizations (1 for correct, 0 for incorrect) and store it as a list in the graph component. I want the graph to be correct (and thus the slide) when the total of the list storing the correct factors is 20, but I am only getting the circle icon, no checkmark. Any ideas?
(Prime Factorization • Activity Builder by Desmos)

I think this is a quirk of the correctness not being updated because the graph is not being interacted with. Desmos only updates the dashboard and associated elements once a student has interacted with a component, but in this case… they can’t interact with anything on the graph.

You can get around this either by moving the correctness check into maybe the table or the math input; or you can use the (currently) undocumented hasResponse: sink, which seems to force the graph into thinking there’s a response whenever a condition is met:

hasResponse: this.numberList(`C`).length>0

I don’t know if this is an ‘official’ feature as it doesn’t appear in the documentation, but I think I saw Jay recommend using it somewhere or other so I assume it’s stable.

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hasResponse worked! Thank you so much!