Desmos Escape Room

Has anyone created an escape room in Desmos?

Students would need to complete a task or enter an answer to unlock the next slide.

Students would need to select a conditional answer(s) in a text box or a multiple-choice, or an adjustment to a slide to unlock the next slide.

Let me know if anyone knows how to set that up, or already has an example.
Christy McManus

@cmcmanus, if your goal is to create a series of mathematical exercises in an escape room style, it can be done in Desmos, as others have done (search forum with ‘escape room’). If the main goal is to create an escape room, there are other platforms to consider. For example, see:

OMG I just searched Desmos Escape Room in Google and found so many activites. I don’t know why I didn’t think to search that before.

Thank you!!!