How to add Paper Resources for Activity?

I want to add a printable activity that corresponds with a digital activity. I saw this example labeled “Paper Resources” below the Screen thumbnails:

I haven’t found a way in the Activity Builder to include a PDF, other than linking to an external location in the Student Support section of the Teacher Tips.

Thank you!

You can include a PDF by linking to it in the Student Support section of the Teacher Tips in the Activity Builder. This way, students can access the printable activity alongside the digital one.

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Hi @Sheryl_Richardson. Looks like that is a Desmos Classroom made activity where the print materials are part of the internal platform. Your best option currently is exactly what you noted. You can also include links directly in a Screen’s note component if desirable.

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Thank you for looking into it and confirming it is not available through the activity builder. They made it look seamless!

Thank you! The link option works!

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