IM2 quadratic functions problems

Here is a collection of a few different types of problems.
Slide 1: Determining if a table is linear, quadratic, or neither
Slide 2: Determining if an equation has a Max/Min or opens Up/Down
Slide 3: Finding AOS given an equation
Slide 4: Finding the vertex given an equation
Slide 5: Writing a domain in inequality format given integer, or integer format given inequality
Slide 6: Writing Domain and Range given a graph (In either format)
Slide 7: Finding many attributes of a quadratic given a graph (in either format)
Slide 8: same as slide 7 plus finding intercepts
Slide 9: same as slide 7 minus intervals of increase or decrease
Slide 10: Same as slide 9 but with intercepts
Slide 11: Same as slide 7 but with just an equation, no graph
Slide 12: Answering questions given a quadratic
Slide 13: real world scenarios
Slide 14: domain/range/Inc/Dec from real world scenario
Slide 15: finding x-intercepts
Slide 16: a brain break
Slide 17: self reflection

All slides are randomly generated and self grading, so you can use them as many times as you want and get different problems each time. Let me know if you see an error or if you have any ideas to add to it!


I will keep updating this if I add more