Text Input Box interfering with CL in Table

Something’s not working the way it seems like it should.

When I … have a text box in the same slide as a table that is programmed to check for correctness, it seems to be interfering with the display of emojis.

I saw … when the correct answer is typed in a cell the “check” next to it displays 2 question mark symbols as shown in the screenshot

But I expected …a smiley emoji is supposed to be displayed instead as shown in the CL. I have narrowed down the possibilities as to what it could be and it only seems to affect emojis and only when the table component and a single text input component are both on the same slide.

Here’s the link to the page, dashboard, or activity: Text Input Interfering with CL • Activity Builder by Desmos

And here are some screenshots or a video:

Obviously not a huge priority or concern. Just interesting that it is happening.
Thanks for all you do!

Thats odd, I’ll take this back to the team

FWIW, if you format column 2 as text, the emoji appears even with the two text inputs.