What the WOTS? What does the WOTS sink do?

I was working in the CL of a response box and tried to make it readOnly, which it cannot do (yet? :crossed_fingers:t4:) but when I was looking at the error message (see screenshot) I noticed that on the list of valid sinks was WOTS.

Does anyone know what this sink does? I haven’t been able to find anything in the documentation or by Googling and I am curious.


Hey Jennifer! That’s an internal tool we use for trainings and professional development.

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Hi, Jennifer.

I know this is not what you were asking about but I wanted to share a work around I have been using in my Text Response box to still allow the teacher dashboard to give me a check mark if everything else is correct on the page. I use a table instead. I make it “text” and remove the headers and leave only one box (1,1). Then I put the following in the CL: correct: not(isBlank(this.cellContent(1,1))) Then if the student does not write something in the box it will flag it as incorrect.

Hope this helps with what you were trying to do.